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Audit & Assurance

Manser Tierney & Johnston specialises in the audit of not-for-profit entities. We are leaders in the audit of independent schools and charitable institutions.

Our Firm has a policy whereby an Audit Partner has an integral involvement and presence in all aspects of the audit. We believe that the Audit Partner's presence during the course of the audit enable early intervention and awareness of any reportable issues or opportunities for improvement.

Auditing & Assurance Services | Chartered Accountants Northern Sydney

Our audit methodology typically focuses on:

  • Fee income
  • Government funding
  • Donations
  • Corporate governance
  • Current economic influences
  • Internal control
  • Insurance Cover
  • Payroll and other employee entitlements
  • Movement of funds between related party transactions
  • Risk management assessment
  • Integrity of the Financial Statements
  • Budgeting for income, expenditure, capital and cash
  • Assessment of staff
  • Compliance with corporate and taxation authorities
  • Reporting to management.

In providing our services we offer:

  • To provide you with direct Audit Partner participation at all levels during the conduct of the audit together with Senior audit staff
  • Our speciality in independent school and charitable institution audits enables us to provide the highest level of proactive advice
  • Continuity of the audit team
  • Specialist knowledge in not-for-profit educational and charitable institutions
  • Delivery of services on time and within budget.