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February 2020

In this issue; Tax issues when dealing with volunteers, Succession planning for family businesses, Distributions from a discretionary trust, What you need to know about the First Home Super Saver Scheme, Superannuation tax offsets you may be able to use. Download the PDF newsletter

December 2019

In this issue; E-invoicing is on its way, Personal services income explained, CGT Concessions: Does your business qualify? If you're in business, you need to know about the PPSR. Download the PDF newsletter

November 2019

In this issue; Lost or destroyed tax records? Don't panic. Super downsizer scheme: common errors, A SMSF trustee duty not to be forgotten: The investment strategy, Small business: Low-cost assets & the threshold rule, Three wise FBT tips for Christmas. Download the PDF newsletter

October 2019

In this issue; CGT when spouses have different main residences, The SMSF sector is growing by $23,200 every minute, Fictions (and facts) about work expense deductions, An FBT reporting exclusion for personal security concerns, SMSF event-based reporting: What needs to be reported, what doesn't. Download the PDF newsletter

September 2019

In this issue; Property development and tax, Tax and the kids' savings, CGT exemption on inherited homes, SMSF trustees: Operating expenses you can deduct, Rental property owners: Top 10 tips to avoid comon mistakes. Download the PDF newsletter

August 2019

In this issue; Tax when you're headed overseas, What you need to know about trust distribution resolutions, Keeping busy: but is it just a hobby, or are you in business? Small businesses need to get "active" to pay less tax, The small business income tax offset. Download the PDF newsletter

2019-2020 Lodgement Rates And Thresholds Guide

In this issue; Individuals' tax rates and offsets; Medicare, Corporate entity tax rates; HELP, SFSS, VSL, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL & TSL; Superannuation, business, CGT and FBT. Download the PDF newsletter