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May 2017

In this issue; The CGT implications of subdividing and building on the family property. Selling up your business? Don't forget the "going concern" GST exemption. Are personal carer travel costs claimable? It depends... Business costs and deductibility of interest expenses, Company tax franking implications. Download the PDF newsletter


April 2017

In this issue; Gumtree sourced assets and the realities of making a claim, Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right, What is your "total superannuation balance" and why does it matter?, Simplified depreciation rules for small business. Download the PDF newsletter


March 2017

In this issue; Tax and the sharing economy, Share dividend income and franking credits, Can salary sacrifice work for you?, FBT and cars: a perennial head-scratcher, SMSFs and the in-house asset rules explained Download the PDF newsletter


February 2017

In this issue; Active vs passive assets and the small business CGT concession, Deceased estates: A brief guide to tying up the loose ends, 7 point checklist for deceased estates, The process (and pros and cons) of "electing" to be a family trust, Recent changes to the assets test for pensioners, Is the peer-to-peer lending investment option right for your SMSF?  Download the PDF newsletter


December 2016

In this issue; Extend the festive cheer (but in a tax-efficient way), Home office deductions: What substantiation will the ATO accept?, SMSFs need to prepare for the new transfer balance cap, Shopping for a "luxury" car? Beware of the luxury car tax, Does your SMSF need a valuation? Christmas party decision tree. Download the PDF newsletter

November 2016

In this issue; Don't let a tax debt put you in a spin, 5 tips to get home office deductions right, SMSF compliance for 2016-17, Getting a tax valuation from the ATO. Download the PDF newsletter