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September 2017

In this issue; Look before you leap: the small business CGT concessions, Treasury amends LRBA requirements for SMSFs - again, Are those investment returns on revenue or capital account? Do you need to lodge your tax return early?, SMSF stats just keep getting better. Download the PDF newsletter

August 2017

In this issue; Travel allowances and the proper use of the exception to substantiate claims, Child death benefit recipients and the transfer balance cap, Tax deductions specifically for SMSFs, Deductions for finance on a rental property, Life policy bonuses and tax. Download the PDF newsletter

July 2017

In this issue; The ATO waves a red flag on deductions for holiday rentals, Streaming trust capital gains and franked distributions: An Overview, Be prepared: What you need to bring to your next tax return appointment, Accelerated depreciation for small business has been extended, Deduction tip: Can you claim the cost of travelling to this office?, Substantiation for mobile, home phone and internet costs Download the PDF newsletter

June 2017

In this issue; End of year tax planning tips for business, What is a tax loss, and how can it be turned to good use?, The transitional CGT relief measure and your SMSF, Q:Who is assessable on interest income? Download the PDF newsletter

May 2017

In this issue; The CGT implications of subdividing and building on the family property. Selling up your business? Don't forget the "going concern" GST exemption. Are personal carer travel costs claimable? It depends... Business costs and deductibility of interest expenses, Company tax franking implications. Download the PDF newsletter


April 2017

In this issue; Gumtree sourced assets and the realities of making a claim, Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right, What is your "total superannuation balance" and why does it matter?, Simplified depreciation rules for small business. Download the PDF newsletter